5 tools of success–Professor Ungku Aziz

5 tools of success
24 Feb 2009
THE five qualities of good leadership are
 intelligence, credibility, humility, courage, and discipline,
according to Royal Professor Ungku Abdul Aziz Ungku Abdul Hamid  during his recent talk

In his opinion, there are nine essential books that a good leader must read. Each book,

he says, provides an element for a successful life and insights on how to become a good leader.

The nine books are:

» Fit for Life Not Fat for Life – Harvey Diamond

This explains how to balance between proteins and starches, meat and non-meat, life food

and cooked food for a healthy diet.

» Thinking Course – Edward de Bono

This promotes lateral thinking and how to think differently.

» The Mind Map Book and Head First – Tony Buzan

These teach holistic thinking, which begins with a central idea and branches out to

detailed points or elements involving the central idea, using colours, shapes and lines.

» The 36 Strategies of the Chinese:

Adapting an Ancient Chinese Wisdom to the Business World – Wee Chow Hou and Lan Luh Luh

This offers the strategies that teach one to create something out of nothing.

» The Art of War – Sun Tzu

This offers strategies on winning a war without fighting.

» Level 5 Leadership – Jim Collins

This teaches one to fear humility and resolve, and give them due respect.

» The Prince on the Art of Power – Niccolo Machiavelli

This teaches the art of being feared and loved.

» Leader’s Window – J.D.W. Beck and N.M. Yeager

This offers tips on how to be a successful leader.



The 87-year-old professor goes on to add that success is almost like the Holy Grail,

where everyone knows about it but not quite able to identify it.

"To be successful, my advice is to be kiasu,

a Hokkien term to describe how one wants to beat everyone else," he says,

 adding in jest that "I will tell you how to put other people down and put yourself up".

He also says that a good leader would be able to spot opportunities during a crisis.

 "Every crisis opens up opportunities."

successful people are those who are resilient because their minds are strong.

They are resolute in reaching their goals.

"At the same time, one needs to be humble. Humility is important too.

Ultimately, he says,

 like a traveller, we need to have two important items in our journey of life

a map and a compass

so that we know where are going and where’s our destination.



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